Sunday, January 6, 2013

A quote from a grieving mom

"Parents do not wish for their child to live or die but only not to feel pain or fear." - Bai Bing Bing

I am not sure if I got the words right but the gist is there.  These words are from Bai Bing Bing of Taipei.  Her daughter was a victim of a kidnapped-for-ransom-turned-murder in the late 1990s.  They eventually found her daughter floating in the river after 15 days and autopsy showed that the girl has been dead for about 8-10 days.  She was raped and badly beaten and died from internal bleeding.  During the burial, Bai said she told her daughter that it was the [best ending] because in death, she (the little girl) will no longer feel pain.

I wish for a place when we do not fear for our lives and for our loved ones' lives.

*Pardon if there are errors.  I saw the documentary in the Crime & Investigation Channel between 12nn-2pm January 6, 2013.