Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Come & Go. Or Stay.

People come and go. But sometimes, being left behind hurts. Especially when the person who left you is someone you love. When the person leaves you without even saying goodbye, you feel that you don't matter to the person at all. And this is not only true to romantic relationships. So when you get hurt, you won't tell the person who is leaving. You will pretend that nothing is wrong. What is ironic is that the person who is leaving just doesn't know how to say goodbye. It might also be painful for that person. So it is a cycle. One that can be vicious at times. So i say, when you meet someone and the person becomes important to you, don't do anything stupid to ruin your relationship. Great friendship is hard to come by and not many can experience this in their lifetime. Don't take your friends for granted especially those you feel loves you. You don't need to love them in the same way. Just show them that you care. Because there might come a time that you keep on running after someone who doesn't love you at all that you neglect those who do love you. And you eventually lose them too.

So live. And love.